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Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl products feature unique patterns, micro and painted bevels, and variation between planks resulting in a real wood visual effect that meets the style requirements of today’s flooring consumers while also offering a highly durable, easy-to-maintain floor that can stand up to busy households with pets, children and daily traffic.


When you have people walking in and out with wet shoes or kids spilling their drinks, it’s important to have flooring that can take on its share of water. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is known for being made with 100% waterproof materials that are able to withstand water immersion and can be dried and reused without damage. This makes it the perfect flooring for bathrooms or damp locations.


LVP flooring has a natural look that looks just like wood but is much more environmentally friendly, so it’s an excellent option for your home. LVP is long-lasting and requires no replacement parts.

Simple to Clean

No matter what the appeal of a floor is, no homeowner wants to spend hours and hours scrubbing it with elbow grease. Luxury Vinyl blends beauty and convenience. It’s easy to clean, thanks to its waterproof nature. Normal upkeep only involves a clear and damp mop.


Despite the word “luxury” in its name, this flooring style is an affordable alternative to many others. It provides excellent value thanks to long-lasting shelf life. This is particularly true for thicker luxury vinyl flooring that consists of a substantial protective wear layer. This flooring style typically costs less than other popular choices like ceramic tile or hardwood flooring, making it a smart choice for those on a budget.
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How long does luxury vinyl last?

The longevity of Luxury Vinyl depends on many factors. It will depend on how well your floors were installed, whether there are any problems with the subfloor, and if the room temperature changes.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring lasts up to 25-30 years if properly installed. It’s made of high quality materials like wood, cork, bamboo, and rubber. The best way to care for your floors is to sweep regularly and vacuum once every two weeks.

How Much Does It Cost To Install LVP Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring makes an excellent low-cost option for many homes. This versatile flooring material comes in several styles and finishes and can be installed in various ways. Vinyl Plank Flooring is available in several thicknesses and patterns, allowing it to work in many homes.