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A beautiful new carpet or shiny, fresh flooring can elevate a room from dull and dingy to cozy and clean, while old, stained, weathered floors can drag down the entire look and feel of a home.

Have you been putting off a much-needed flooring upgrade because you’re worried about the cost? Now’s the time to call Royalty Flooring Carpet Services, an experienced team of professional carpet installers serving Bucks County and for more than 10 years with efficient, courteous, and affordable carpet installation services. We specialize in carpet installation and carpet repair, and our discount prices put us head and shoulders above our local competition.
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Advantages of Carpet

Carpeting seemed to fall by the wayside for a while, but it’s rising in popularity once again for a number of reasons. There are a handful of pros to choosing carpeting that home builders and buyers are looking to take advantage of once again.


Compared to other flooring options, carpeting tends to be cheaper. This is a major selling point for many home builders and buyers who are already spending a lot on other aspects of their new homes.

Very Quiet

If you’re looking to reduce echo and stifle resonant sound in your home, carpeting is the way to go. It absorbs noise, which can help when it comes to muffling footsteps, music, voices, etc.

Hides Dirt

If you choose your carpeting strategically, it can hide dirt and help keep your home looking clean and well kept. While it does require vacuuming and care on occasion, it’s not as high maintenance as most people think.

Easier and Faster to Install

Carpeting tends to be easier, faster, and in most cases cheaper to install than other types of flooring. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to resolve your flooring needs, carpeting is probably your best bet.
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How long does Carpet last?

Carpet can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years, depending on the carpet type, carpet cushion, carpet fibers, and how much foot traffic it endures. Even in barely-used rooms, high-quality carpets will start showing signs of age after 10 years as the padding deteriorates, the threads wear, and the shades shift.

High Maintenance Cost

Professional cleaning of the carpet would cost you quite high compared to the other types of flooring. The money saved at the time of installing the carpet would be spent on the maintenance. Hence, it can’t be called totally cost-effective flooring solution